The New Bicycles by Adam Grinwald

It was a morning of a thick, omnipresent fog that lay across the entire city, suffocating the light from above, leaving no block safe from penetration. It was a fog ominous enough that Neil Bittle, peering sheepishly from his bedroom window, was nearly prevented from taking his morning bicycle ride…but no! Neil took the mindset of a mailman when it came to his bicycle, for neither rain, sleet, nor snow could prevent him from feeling the wind in his cold, pale face as he cruised along the boardwalk, leaving pedestrians in the proverbial dust. “So long, you bloody chumps!” Neil would barely be able to resist shouting at the top of his lungs, which would tingle with pleasure–and oxygen. No lousy fog would prevent him from this ecstasy.

Taming Nostalgia by Clare Czechowicz

The human mind contains a seductive beast named Nostalgia. Many can relate to a time they heard a long-forgotten tune their fathers used to play when they were kids, or when they caught the familiar scent of an old lover’s brand of chewing gum. Eliciting dusty recollections of past experiences, this feeling can creep up at the most unexpected times and cause you to irrationally call up an ex, or set yourself up with expectations that are impossible to fill. And after you painstakingly come to the fact that all time is fleeting and even the most pleasant memories cannot be resurrected, Nostalgia, the aching feeling, will still be there to haunt us, batting its lovely eyelashes while biting at your heart with its terrible teeth.

Adam’s Orchard by Amy Mrotek

He was not the smirk of the sun, he was the outline of wheat stalks pressed against a cotton-white sky, shaking in the bored wind. He was fingers poked into cracked clay, calloused, desperate, digging and muttering curses on old lands and lazy gods.

He was ripped overalls, tattered curtains, smudges on screen doors from the beats of summer heat. He was the rust on the tractor hood that made the machine worth its salt. He was the groan of the wheelbarrow burdened by weight, the stench of sweat, tobacco chew.