An Undergraduate Literary Journal from UW-Milwaukee

2014 Editors

Ann McBee  // Faculty Advisor 

Ann McBee graduated in 2012 with a PhD in creative writing at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, where she served as an editor for cream city review. She has published fiction and poetry in Ellipsis, Untamed Ink, So to Speak, and At Length among others. She teaches composition and creative writing at UWM.


Colleen Cotter  // PR Coordinatorcotter-colleen

My name is Colleen Cotter, I am a Junior at UW – Milwaukee. I am majoring in English – Creative Writing emphasis. My favorite writers include J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Shakespeare, and Dan Brown. I successfully read the Hobbit in two days as well as Harry Potter series in one month! I enjoy writing poetry and would like to one day live, write, and teach as a college professor in the U.K. preferably in Ireland.  One day I plan on publishing my writing in journals as well as writing a few books.


ford-tyTyler Ford  // Copy Editor, Associate Editor

Tyler is a creative writing student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He enjoys competitive humor, unpractical jokes, social sciences, and meeting his friends’ friends’ families.




Gamble-Theresa  Theresa Gamble  // Public Relations

Theresa Gamble is majoring in Creative Writing, and working at a photography studio on the side. Her hobbies include: writing, reading, fandom surfing, singing, finding random facts, falling down spirals of research.




grzezinskiSarah Grzezinski  // Associate Editor

Sarah Grzezinski, an aspiring editor, will graduate in May of 2014 with a BA in Creative Writing. She cannot live without curry powder, which she puts on everything, and her copy of Huxley’s Brave New World, which is undoubtedly covered in a light dusting of ochre. Her cat Etta is currently teaching her how to relax around a comma splice, among other lessons.




Joshua Hancock  // PR Coordinator

Joshua Hancock is an English major at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with an emphasis in Technical and Professional Writing, and is also receiving a certificate for LGBT Studies.  In his free time, Joshua enjoys editing, writing, spoken word performance, sleep, sarcasm, and long walks on the beach.




Mary Kappus  // Public Relations, Associate Editor

Mary is a professional student and will leave her current position at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in December, having accomplished degrees in Creative Writing and History with an emphasis on Religious Studies.  In her spare time, Mary enjoys waiting tables, driving a shuttle bus, being owned by an obnoxiously vocal cat, and occassionally eating food that is not Ramen noodles.  Her goal in life is to have spare time.



knox-aAlexander Knox  // Archivist

Alexander Knox is a ginger human being who spent years investigating the cellar. He is happy to report that there are no monsters or aliens… just a bit of junk and some spiders. He is taking a shower and then going to enjoy a sandwich. In his free time, he enjoys trying on slacks and making tomorrow happen by sleeping tonight. His lucky numbers are elevendy, eleventeen, and green. He can be found on YouTube @ alexmilwaukee.



lomenzo-sSpero LoMenzo  // Art Director, Associate Editor

Brunt bearer, sooth sayer, joke stealer, feelings feeler, impulse buyer, B-Ball swisher, Zangief player, ace sleever.





madus-krKrisAnne Madaus  // Fiction Editor

KrisAnne Madaus has been previously published in Furrow, and will be graduating in May from the College of Letters & Science with her BS in English (with two concentrations: literature and language studies and creative writing). She is indeed a writer, but also a visual artist. Her portfolio is available for viewing at



Malloy, BrianBrian Malloy  // Associate Editor

Brian Malloy is a senior in Creative Writing. He has love for Dachshunds and the movie Spy Hard. He strongly believes every basketball hoop should be in a cage like the ones you see at the bar because dunking is unsportsmanlike.




moskow-chChelsea Moskow  // Associate Editor

Live to write, with occasional help from my cat and dragon (bearded). Fascinated with fantasy, folklore, and dreams. Might be part sidhe.




rogers-tannerTanner Rogers  // Poetry Editor

Tanner Rogers is a senior in Creative Writing at UWM and will be graduating in May. He focuses on Romantic, Modern and Postmodern poetry. He has been published in Furrow as well as UW- Whitewater’s literary magazine, Muse. He also works in the UWM Writing Center as a tutor.



tabat-nickNick Tabat  // Business Manager, Web Editor

Nick Tabat is double majoring in both Math Education and Creative Writing, with two more years left because that’s what happens when you double major in two unrelated majors.





Nicole Timblin  // Public Relations, Associate Editor

“I gotta big mouth, I can’t help it, I talk from my heart, I’m real, whatever comes comes.”