2017 Editors

2017 Editors

Clockwise from top left: Paul Dixon, Nicholas Gruber, Scott Clark, Elliott Baas, Brian Eisel, Nat Froiland, Jennifer Johnston, Christina Luick, Margaret Kennedy, Rachel Lynn, Lauren Lisak, Katrina Brinkman. Not pictured: Hannah Bulgerin & Alena Hansen


Elliott Baas – Web Developer/Designer/Editor, Nonfiction Editor

Elliott Baas is a senior at UWM, studying both Creative Writing and Film.

Katrina Brinkman – Fiction Editor, Event Planner

Katrina is currently in her third year at UWM, double majoring in Creative Writing and Social Work, with a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies. She’s also a nanny of seven kids and drinks (on average) five cups of coffee a day. In her almost nonexistent free time you can undoubtedly  find her collapsed somewhere warm with a book covering her face. One day she hopes to work with survivors/victims of sex trafficking through the International Justice Mission to help bring an end to modern day slavery.

Hannah Bulgerin – Managing Editor

Hannah is a senior at UWM studying English with a focus on Literary and Critical Studies. She works at a public library, and like a stereotypical librarian, she likes cats, coffee, and cardigans. She hopes to work in publishing after graduation, and maybe one day be in charge of her own imprint.

Scott Clark – Copyeditor, Poetry Editor, Web Content Editor

Scott Clark hails from Waukesha, Wisconsin and is majoring in Creative Writing.

Paul Dixon – Layout Designer, Event Planner

Paul Dixon is a Junior studying creative writing by day and a professional cat whisperer by night.  When Paul isn’t working on writing the next “Great American Mean Girls,” he spends time working with University Housing and Residence Life. Paul enjoys reading, taking long walks on the beach, and recreating scenes from the musical Chicago for his cat, Kitten.

Brian Eisel – Fiction Editor, Business Manager

Brian is currently a senior at UWM. and will graduate in Dec. 2017. He is an English major with a dual concentration in Creative Writing, and Business and Technical Writing. He enjoys reading and writing Science Fiction and Thrillers. He has one published book, “Spiders in the Sand,” and has written numerous technical writings as a freelancer. He works full-time as a police officer, which supplies endless inspiration for stories. He wastes what little free-time he has watching sports or playing video games.

Nat Froiland – Managing Editor, Poetry Editor

Nat Froiland is a senior Creative Writing major at the UWM. When he is not working, reading, or writing, he nurtures an unhealthy obsession with NBA basketball. He recently had his first poem published in The Merrimack Review.

Nicholas Gruber – Poetry Editor, Web Content Editor

Nicholas is an emerging poet who will soon have a degree in Economics. Following graduation, he plans to see the world, before it’s too late.

Alena Hansen – Art Editor, Copyeditor

Alena is a published short-story writer and poet, visual artist, and sentient banana living under the guise of a human. The only earthly object that threatens her immortality is that blasphemous escalator at Barnes & Noble she fell down. One can often find her eating unreasonably large amounts of cheese and wasting time on pointless computer games. Her writings have been recognized by the Skyway Writers Competition among others, and she previously edited the multi-award-winning literary arts magazine Voices.

Jennifer Johnston – Nonfiction Editor, Copyeditor

Jennifer Johnston grew up in southeast Wisconsin but has lived in the Colorado mountains and Utah desert. All of these places she considers home, but feels it most in the Rocky Mountains. She loves anything that has to do with the outdoors, especially skiing and hiking. Jennifer is an English major at UWM and wants to travel and write about nature and the creative arts.

Margaret Kennedy – Art Editor, Fiction Editor

Margaret Kennedy is a junior Creative Writing major at UWM, with minors in both History and Art. When she is not studying, she enjoys reading as much fiction as she possibly can and working at a bookstore, which only helps fuel her reading addiction. Margaret has been writing stories about the fantastical in her free time ever since her second grade teacher asked for a short diary assignment, and instead got a twenty page story about a flying dog. She also enjoys accidentally covering most of her belongings in paint, and sometimes getting it on a canvas. Margaret is very excited to be part of Furrow this year as a Fiction and Art Editor.

Lauren Lisak – Layout Designer, Publicist

Lauren Lisak is a senior at UWM pursuing an English degree. While not much of a writer herself, she hopes to one day work with authors to bring to life their dreams of publishing their stories.

Christina Luick – Fiction Editor, Social Media Editor

Christina Luick is a junior majoring in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies with minoring in English.  She has always loved writing stories and reading books.  Christina hopes to have a story published one day.  When she isn’t writing, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, family, and dog.  But sometimes it’s nice to relax and binge watch shows on Netflix.  

Rachel Lynn – Art Editor, Publishing Support Staff

Rachel is a senior in the creative writing program at UWM. She is also working towards completing a minor in the Women’s & Gender Studies program.Rachel spends a large portion of her free time reading music blogs and at record stores. She collects vinyl and owns nearly 200 LPs. Currently, she is working as an intern for a local music site which has given her the opportunity to implement her writing skills in a journalistic fashionShe recently finished binge-watching the Netflix series Love and highly recommends it because no show has ever succeeded to replicate the true awkwardness of daily life. Although her future is not certain, she hopes to either become a TV comedy writer or continue on the path of music writing. And yes, there’s always teaching. Sigh. On a typical Friday night, you can find Rachel shoveling french fries into her mouth while drinking cosmopolitans (pinkies up!) at Comet Cafe. Or she’ll be in bed before 9pm. Either one. 

Valerie Laken – Faculty Advisor

Valerie Laken is the author of the novel, Dream House, and the story collection, Separate Kingdoms. She is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.