An Undergraduate Literary Journal from UW-Milwaukee


Poetry by Hadrian Veska

The mellow light of dusk
Shines in through cracks
Of curtains and blinds
Faded by time and sun

Old wood creaks
As the house settles and shifts
Dust and particles stir
With every wisp of stale air

A music box plays
Next to a crooked lamp
Whose blackened light bulb
Had long since burnt out

Night draws near
Yet ever so slowly
As the music box continues
Its soft strange tune

And with its final chime
Will the sun then sink
Below the amaranth sky
And into the oblivion of night


Hadrian Veska enjoys media in all its forms, so long as a great story is told. He particularly enjoys the short stories of Clark Ashton Smith and cites them as inspiration to some of his work.