An Undergraduate Literary Journal from UW-Milwaukee

Rain Falling On A University Library

by Peter McCracken

people-shapes striding 
across campus. through fog, rain, 
mournful yellow light 

in the blank between 
twilight and true darkness i 
see the skyline as 
quickly ripped paper cutouts 
shrouded in mist and streetlights 

untitled seven 
useful gray bars and a void 
hearty file trees 

replacing old bulbs 
with LEDs is good for 
vision: do we forget 
nostalgic lighting? maybe 
we’ll start forgetting ourselves 

digital chasms 
and snowcapped peaks. dead-pixel 
skies with false-hued clouds. 

pavement, meet tires,
zipping up the lakefront, or 
praising the small sea 
in the spot with that one view. 
lake michigan in imax 

we walk forever 
barefoot now; the road was paved 
with woven reed mats 


Peter McCracken is 23 and will have a newly minted B.A. in English from UWM in May 2017.