2018 Editors

Furrow is edited each spring by students in UW-Milwaukee’s English 418: Literary Journal Production course. It is a wild and crazy ride.

Eddie Ahrenhoerster is one of  Furrow’s Nonfiction Editors and a Copyeditor. Eddie is currently a  senior at UW-Milwaukee, majoring in English-Creative Writing. When he’s not in class, he’s busy interviewing musicians on his podcast Music Sucks, performing in his pop-punk band, Second Charm, and enjoying the heck out of Qdoba.



Meghan Calderone is a Poetry Editor and Art Editor. Megan is a senior studying Creative Writing at UW-Milwaukee. She grew up in Chicago, IL but moved between cities all over the Midwest—the cream of mushroom soup of America—before finally settling in Milwaukee. When she’s done here, she plans on moving to New Orleans to study local cuisine and write poetry while she brainstorms her next big move. Hint: it will probably be Kenya, but it changes daily.


Jessie Choinoski is Furrow’s Nonfiction Editor and Publicist. Jessie is a senior at UW-Milwaukee purusing a degree in English with a focus on Literary and Critical Studies. She is currently an Editorial Assistant Intern at Dzanc Books, so her nose is always in a good book – hopefully. When she isn’t working diligently on her internship duties, she is also a writer for the UWM Post with her own relationship- and dating-based column. Jessie likes to think of herself as the Carrie Bradshaw of Milwaukee, with less of the scandals, of course. She hopes one day to be working for a large publishing house and residing in the historic streets of Boston. 


Scott Clark is Furrow’s Editor-in-Chief. Scott is a fiction writer at UW-Milwaukee. He primarily writes sci-fi and fantasy, as well as writing occasional poetry. Much of his writing is shaped by his world view after his recovery from cancer. He has had poetry published in Furrow. He plans to attend grad school in the fall of 2019, and he can destroy a pizza like it’s nobody’s business.


Paul Crowley is Furrow’s Staff Writer and one of the Copyeditors. He is a Creative Writing major at UW-Milwaukee, and has also studied writing at Second City in Chicago. When he is neither making outrageous claims on Furrow’s blog nor muttering incoherently about post-period spacing (one and done, y’all; one and done) he can be found working on a book of fiction.



Mai Yer Hang is 23 years old and was born in Fresno, but raised in Sacramento, California. She is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Hang used to major in nursing, but with a sense of adventure in herself and a tad bit of romance mixed in, she decided to change her course and major in Creative Writing. By taking the Literary Journal Production course and working as one of Furrow’s Poetry Editors and Web Editors, Hang is looking forward to identifying and promoting exceptional works.

Stephen Jensen is an Art Editor and Layout Designer for the spring 2018 edition of Furrow. He is an English major specializing in the Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies track. Outside of school he is a musician who plays electric guitar, bass guitar, and piano. He used to play bass for the Milwaukee heavy metal band H1Z1, and he uploads covers and originals to his YouTube channel when he gets the chance.



Shenandoah LaRock is Furrow’s Event Planner and a Web Editor. Shenandoah is a fourth-year English Creative Writing major with an emphasis on Fiction. Her writing focuses on intersectional feminism, sexuality, and increasing accurate representations of Indigenous peoples. When she’s not writing, she enjoys making zines and playing the drums.


Kellyn Emily Lock is a Fiction and Art Editor for the Spring 2018 edition of Furrow. She is in her third year at UWM studying Creative Writing and Anthropology. Kellyn helps lead the Honors College Creative Writing Club, and is also an officer for Sigma Tau Delta and The Flood. She enjoys traveling and is looking forward to going to Scotland in the summer, and touring Asia after graduation. When she isn’t in school, working, or writing, she enjoys spending time with her four sisters, annoying her hedgehog, and drinking tea with her roommate.


Malachi Lyonsdove is Furrow’s Development Officer/Fundraising Strategist. He was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The son of a well accomplished paralegal and a musician, he’s spent a lot of his time engulfed in the arts. He went to three of the area’s most prominent public schools and found a love for writing and drawing at a young age. Through these same schools he began playing the saxophone and also studied in the bilingual programs they offered, becoming fluent in both English and Spanish.


Deanna Schneider is a Senior in UW-Milwaukee’s Creative Writing program, and is delighted to be a Poetry Editor and a Layout Designer for Furrow. She has been published in UW-Waukesha’s The Windy Hill Review and in the 2017 edition of Furrow for her work in poetry. Her interest in poetic forms and illustration has prompted her to explore various creative communities; Deanna was part of RAW Milwaukee’s Verve Showcase in 2017 for her illustrations and watercolor pieces. When she isn’t doing schoolwork to complete her Bachelor’s Degree, you can usually find her folding paper cranes out of Post-It notes.

Kathryn Skjoldager is in her third year with the Creative Writing program at UW-Milwaukee. She writes fiction that focuses on women’s issues, family dynamics, and sexuality. She has previously been published in Furrow, and is excited to be acting as a Fiction Editor and Copyeditor for the 2018 issue of the magazine.



Callie Weers is Furrow’s Fiction Editor and Copyeditor. When she’s not being told at work by random men that she ought to smile more, Callie enjoys going to the website for the Wisconsin Humane Society, staring at the dogs for adoption, and imagining that she can adopt them all. She doesn’t know yet where her career lies, but wherever it is, people will probably tell her to smile more there as well.

Valerie Laken is Furrow’s Faculty Advisor, an Associate Professor of English at UW-Milwaukee. She is the author of the novel, Dream House, and the story collection, Separate Kingdoms. She likes dogs, tea, and books.