Forgotten Garden

by Deanna Schneider


Out here in desolated land
Ranchers might find me
rotted and waiting
to be buried

Although motley succulents and cacti
take root in pearlite cavities
the insects
had a taste of
my withered being

Furred and feathered scavengers
staked their dominant claims
Within their slushing stomachs
My flesh and eternity

My bones bleach
as the sun emits charring rays
Emerald plant tips reach through ribs
making my skeletal remains a barren backdrop

Suspended and open
I will stay
a flourished
forgotten garden
in doldrum sands


Deanna Schneider is a full time student and lifetime literature lover. In recent years, she has had a selection of her poems published in the 2015 & 2016 editions of UW-Waukesha’s literary publication “The Windy Hill Review”. Ms. Schneider is ecstatic to be published in the 2017 edition of the “Furrow Magazine” and she would like to thank her friends for their gracious proofreading in her times of need.